About Us

A development company was established as a Saudi joint stock company with a capital of 1.1 billion riyals. The company is considered one of the most important real estate companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it develops and manages a variety of real estate projects, including commercial, residential and entertainment complexes. The company owns a number of leading real estate properties in Riyadh and Jeddah, including Al-Salam Mall, Tala Mall, and others.

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who are we

A development company, a Saudi joint stock company, with a capital of one billion and one hundred million riyals, owned by a group of shareholders.


Our vision

To be the leading real estate investment company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Our message

Providing distinguished real estate services to our clients, and achieving profits for shareholders


Our goal

Achieving sustainable and continuous growth in the real estate investment sector, and achieving the highest rates of profitability for shareholders


Building and building the future